Add two tablespoons of Kellogg's All-Bran each day to any minimizing diet regime and you may make certain of obtaining sufficient roughage to assure right elimination.

Kellogg's All-Bran is not fattening. But it does contain iron, which assists avert dietary anemia. Iron may be the all-natural supply of gorgeous red colour for the lips and complexion.

Add it to any decreasing diet-in fruit juices; sprinkled over cereals or salads- in clear soups-in bran muffins or bread. Eat it as a cereal with milk. Kellogg's All-Bran is delightfully flavored-a delicious meals that aids to construct well being each time you consume it . Improved in texture and taste. It's a meals that prevents the dangers of pills and drugs. Eat it regularly-to promote beauty and to assist handle your weight safely. Suggested by dietitians. In the red-and-green package. Created by Kellogg in Battle Creek.

SEND FOR THE BOOKLET "Keep Wholesome Though You will be Dieting to Reduce"

It includes useful and sane counsel. Ladies who admire beauty and fitness and who would like to maintain figures slim and trendy will come across the recommended menus and table of foods for dieting invaluable. It is actually free upon request.

Kellogg's Ad: A charm that is recognized everywhere (Aug, 1930)

A charm that is definitely recognized everywhere

What a glorious factor it is to face every day, secure within the self-assurance that you just are usually desirable! That you simply can put on the alluring new fashions, so adorably feminine, with the grace and charm for which they were made!

... Yet for every 1 girl who possesses a naturally trendy figure you'll find hundreds who diet program and be concerned to manage their weight-often unwisely. best replica watches breitling

The main danger with most decreasing diets is the fact that they are unbalanced replika breitling . In the wish to lessen, vital meals elements are regularly omitted.

Nearly all minimizing diets lack roughage. breitling fake swiss When the quantity of food is cut down, there's often insufficient bulk to assure proper elimination.

As a outcome poisons are formed. These might sweep via the method, causing headaches, listlessness, dizziness, sal' low complexions and, from time to time, significant illness.

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